Magnetic Charging Cable
Magnetic Charging Cable from £1.99
Portable Protection™ Magnetic Charging Cable   Magnet is often used in advanced technological developments. The same technology has been adapted in the making of this charging cable by Portable Protection. It is made up of a sturdy military-grade material that makes the charger less prone to wear and tear and the magnetic technology ensures a faster charging than wireless capabilities.   It has a length of 1m which allows you some mobility while charging your device.   Additional comments: Made of braided nylon and aluminium 1m length
90º Charging Cable
90º Charging Cable from £5.99
Portable Protection™ 90º Charging Cable   A bad design often leads to a damaged charging cable. This 90º charging cable by Portable Protection is designed to last long.   The right-angle enclosure ensures that there are no awkward bends while you put it on charge. So, charge your device anywhere at home or on the go without worrying about that extra strain on the wire.   It also comes with a smart LED light that indicates the status of charge on your device.   Additional comments: Comes with Micro USB, USB C or Lightning connectors 2.4A maximum output power
Cable Organiser
Cable Organiser from £7.99
Portable Protection™ Cable Organiser   If there’s one thing that makes our work or study tables look cluttered, that’s all the cables on it. Be it our chargers, earphones, or anything else, the cables are usually clung on to one another and that makes the entire place look messy.   This also leads to the cables getting damaged. However, with the cable organiser from Portable Protection, it becomes easy to manage these.   All you need to do is stick the organiser to the side of your table and cling the cables on to it.   Additional comments: Made from silicone Compatible with round cables, flat noodle cable and earphone cables
Cable Buddy
Cable Buddy £6.99
Portable Protection™ Cable Buddy   What is the cutest way to protect your cables? Well, it’s this super cute accessory from Portable Protection that wraps itself around the charging end of a cable and protects it from those unnecessary strains and awkward angles that often end up damaging the cable.   It is made up of silicone which makes it durable as well as flexible.   Additional comments: Made from silicone Includes 1 Cable buddy (Cable not included)

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